About Wendy A Studio

A little bit about Wendy A studio…

Let me introduce myself! I’m Wendy, owner and artist at Wend A studio. I make hand dyed scarves and accessories. Fabric is my first love, I started sewing as a small child, and spent many hours draping myself in fabric from my mom’s sewing scraps. I am intrigued by the combined simplicity, and versatility of scarves and wraps. Indeed, my favorite clothing item as a teen was a sarong!

Here on the blog I will be sharing my passion for fabric through tutorials on wrapping and tying scarves, and by sharing ideas on scarf style and decor, and whatever else I think up along the way! I will also be sharing some behind-the-scenes clips and photos of my studio, and the process that goes into making hand dyed scarves.

So go ahead and dig through your accessories, maybe you have a new scarf that you need some ideas for…maybe you have an old scarf that you love but never wear…and stay tuned for some tips and tutorials!

Catch you next time! -Wendy