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Tidy wrap for a long scarf

A tidy scarf wrap for every day style http://etsy.com/shop/wendyastudio

What I love about this scarf wrap is that it is so tidy! There are no loose ends flapping about as you try to get the kids out the door in the morning. While you go through your day you can keep your focus on work and errands, the the scarf will stay put and look great, especially if you secure it with a small pin (as described in the video). You may notice that in the picture above, the tail is in a different place than it is in the video. Not to worry! As you will see, there are two sides to be wrapped, the first side that you wrap will have a hidden tail, the second side will be the tail that shows. Whichever side you want to show the tail, that will be your SECOND side. Start with the side you want to hide ; )

The dimensions of this scarf are 60″ long by 15″ wide, NOT the dimensions I gave in the video! The fabric is Crepe de Chine, which is a medium weight silk that also drapes well. It has a matte look and feel, it stays in place better than slinkier silks. Crepe de Chine can also stand up to using a pin, as long as there is no tension on it.

Enjoy! And see you next time! -Wendy