Creating Heart Strings

Here is a little window into the process for creating “Heart Strings”, the feature piece in my 2020 Valentine’s scarf collection (also entitled “Heart Strings”). All of the scarves in the collection are painted in the Serti silk painting technique shown in the video below. After the initial dyeing, this particular scarf was also stamped using doilies, then over-dyed to reveal the texture of the doily. To top it off, the hearts were hand embroidered to add a little definition and additional texture.

To begin silk painting the design is first drawn onto the silk with resist. As you will see in the video, the lines of resist create a fence that contains the dye to each shape.

After the initial painting, I wanted to add some additional pattern or texture, so I coated some doilies with resist and stamped it onto the scarf. In the video below you’ll see more dye being painted over the stamped area.

The resist-stamped doily pattern becomes visible as I paint over it with dye.

As a final touch I outlined the hearts with embroidery.