Spring 2020

Spring 2020 awoke in me the thought of a magical blue dragonfly that I’d seen the previous summer. It was the color of sky, and its large globe-eyes looked like they held a universe within them. I became fascinated with the creatures, so I created the “Sunny Dragonflies” scarf. This spring I was also enamored with the anemone flowers that provided the first pop of color in my garden. Knowing they wouldn’t last through a Southern California summer, I captured them on the “Anemone Cluster” scarf while they were still lush and exuberant. In the slideshow above, “Anemone Cluster” is shown tied in two different ways to showcase different aspects of the painting.

Holly Print Collection-Holiday 2019

This fall I took a gander at block printing and carved a stamp with holly leaves and berries. I printed the holly design in metallic resist, which did not penetrate the fabric well enough to fence the dye, but created a lovely effect none the less.

Autumn 2019

Summer 2019

Spring 2019